Windows installation guide:

1. Click „Next“

2. Choose a directory for the uninstaller files, the default should be fine for most people. Click „Next“.

3. Choose the platforms and formats you want to install. You have to select at least one platform (x32,x64) and one format (AAX,VST,VST3,RTAS) or nothing will be installed. Click „Next“.

3.5 For bundle installers you have to choose the products you wish to install as well. Click „Next“.

4. If you chose to install the VST and x32 version you have to specify a target directory for the plugin file (.dll), since the VST standard does not provide for a common directory. Click „Next“.

5. If you chose to install the VST and x64 version you have to specify a target directory for the plugin file (.dll), since the VST standard does not provide for a common directory. Click „Next“.

6. Choose a name for the start menu entry for the uninstaller. Click „Next“.

7. The files are being installed


8. Click „Finish" and enjoy!

audioD3CK - home


latest product:

2015-01-06 03:17:08

1.7 - more updates

release: polyview - free for a limited time!

polyview is the analyzer part of Eekjuliza, in case you want to use your own one. polyview is free for a undetermined time.


-All plugins now have a snapshot function to quickly a/b/(c/d/e/...) settings and presets


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-TagAFile preview for drumkits, pads and layers.

-"freeze" pads and kits.

-changes to internal architecture (not yet compatible to old presets).

-improved pad editor layout.

-all FX are now modulate able by LFOs or Midi controllers.

-plus many more...

2014-12-28 09:27:05

v1.7 RC4

Another release candidate for version 1.7

  • fixed: random crash while changing band parameters in Eekjuliza
  • fixed: broken windows installer on 32 bit systems
2014-12-27 03:23:18

v1.7 RC3

1.7 RC3 is up.Hopefully the last update before the 1.7 release.

  • fixed: missing UI updates in Eekjuliza
  • fixed: mid/side monitor balance gets saved
  • improved: logic for channel monitoring in Eekjuliza
  • improved: potentially huge graphic performance enhancements for all products
  • improved: analyzer fall of time
2014-12-17 16:32:39

RC 1.7

Fellow beta testers!

This new version is already the release candidate for version 1.7, so please make sure everything is working for you :)

The bundles for the betas have not been updated, please download all the single plugins you need.

Last but not least, let me remind you of our great intro prices for Eekjuliza, our new workhorse equalizer.

Changes since the last version include:

  • -added filter "kind" to fielder context menu
  • -added new character to ST-R-I-P
  • -added Eekjuliza LinPhase bands
  • -added linear phase band creation options to Eekjuliza
  • -added experimental "second group" feature to Peng
  • -added some translations to TagAFile
  • -added shift selecting of tags
  • -added help delay control
  • -added "layer" type to TagAFile
  • -added MS balance knob to Eekjuliza channel monitoring
  • -added more documentation to controls
  • -added offline render settings
  • -added compensation delay for latency bypass listening
  • -added DFT size option for linear phase EQ
  • -ModCut UI now resizable
  • -improved latency reporting to host
  • -improved preset drag and drop for Peng
  • -prevent focus for some TagAfile controls for better keyboard navigation
  • -changed analyzer display settings range
  • -changed colors in Eekjuliza & minor UI improvements
  • -fixed logic au validation for Eekjuliza
  • -fixed selection and insertion logic bugs in TagAFile
  • -fixed possible bug in windows installer of TagAFile


downloads as usual at

We updated all plug-ins to version 1.6 and release a beta version of Eekjuliza, aworkhorse equalizer plug-in.

The update to version 1.6 adds a context sensitive help bar to all plugins, as well as three new coloring modes to SunRuys.

Also, SunRuys no longer possesses the beta status.

There have been some updates to the website, containing a new help section to get you started using our plugins.


Eekjuliza is a fully paramtric equalizer geared towards an outstanding workflow when it comes to multi channel operation, making it a great tool for mastering and mixing.


Eekjuliza's features include:

  • Virtually unlimited number of bands.
  • Complete 64-bit signal path.
  • Channel selection per band (left/right/mid/side/all).
  • Channel soloing for precise editing of each channel.
  • Multi-channel input and output DFT analyzers.
  • Classic analog style filters (high-pass, low-pass, peak, high-shelf, low-shelf, notch, band-pass).
  • High quality, flexible oversampling.
  • Graphical representation of the equalizer's magnitude curve.
  • Frequency "seeking" function (alt+drag).
  • Band-gain mirroring.
  • Multi editing and dragging of EQ bands.
  • Full undo/redo.
  • Resizable UI. 



Eekjuliza is currently available at an beta/intro price of 19 € per license at our web store. 

The price for the final release of Eekjuliza is set to be 29 €.

Customers of the AudioLine or the PlayFlow bundle will get Eekjuliza free of charge!

x-mas sale

Last but not least, another reminder to our x-mas special. If enough people buy audioD3CK software, everybody benefits!

2014-12-03 16:04:52

hot-fix 1.6 (ab2c8ab)

Just a quick update fixing the following issues:

  • fixed broken Windows installers
  • fixed preset naming in Peng
  • fixed modal window showing even after being closed
  • added Peng preset type to TagAFile (WiP)
  • added TagAFile advanced properties to Peng (options dialog)


Available at:

2014-12-03 04:59:31

beta updates & release candidates

New beta builds for all plugins and release candidates for version 1.6 (270a228) of our released plugins and SunRuys are available at our beta server at , including the following changes:

release candidate for 1.6:



  • finalized the help bar



  • fixed zipper noise when automating some of SunRuys' parameters
  • added 3 revisions (different colors) to SunRuys


beta updates:



  • fixed plugins not showing up in pro tools
  • added file open dialog to ModCut & Peng
  • (re)added "find missing files" dialog to PlayFlow series
  • externalized the search patches for missing files
  • externalized TagAFile default tag names



  • fixed crash in new editor window logic
  • fixed - FX and modulation source editors will now close when fx/sources are unfocused or deleted
  • added midi learn function to Peng
  • fixed - LFO times below 1 did not work
  • added phase flip option to sounds



  • fixed newly introduced "random-function" bug in TagAFile
  • added option for TagAFile tag grit size
  • changed preview logic for results
  • fixed broken seeking in wave preview


up next:



  • TagAFile preset management for layers and kits
  • host automation
  • more UI cleanup and context help



multiple revisions with different saturation models


known issues:

  • Peng's sample loop function seems to be broken
  • Changing oversampling rate during playback is reported to crash Ableton live

black Friday:

Although black Friday is not even a thing in Germany, we lowered our prices by 20%!


Furthermore, there have been updates to the beta version of Peng, SunRuys and TagAFile. Theses can be obtained from our beta server at

The update includes:

  • Improved tag layout in TagAFile
  • Fixed search logic which prevented the random function from working in some circumstances
  • Added Midi learn function to Peng (host automation will follow)
  • Editor window behavior for LFOs and Envelopes are improved.
  • SunRuys has now 4 revisions to choose from


beta program:

In order to get future updates about beta versions, please subscribe to the beta tester newsletter. Beta updates will be more frequent in the future, and in order to reduce spam we only want to sent those out to interested parties. You subscribe to the beta newsletter at registration or in your account settings.

x-mas frenzy:

Last but not least, a friendly reminder to our very special x-mas sale which enables you to make a present to yourself, audioD3CK and the rest of the world!

A lot of things have been going on here at the audioD3CK headquarters:

For once we fixed all(!) issues that have been reported until Oktober the 24th (2014) in a hot-fix to version 1.5. This is old news, but if you had any troubles before that, know is the time to try again, since all issues that have been raised have been addressed, yours should have too!

There is also a new public beta version for the 1.6 release available from our server at including:

  • Logic AU version should validate now
  • Many improvements to the status bar behaviour
  • A "flat" mode for the SunRuys compressor
  • Added more IO configurations for AAX versions with sidechain inputs
  • Fixed issue in OSX installer of Peng


If you thought about getting some audioD3CK products, now might be the time to act, as we have a special x-mas sale going. And with your purchase, you can make a present to others! When we reach the goal of 12.345 € worth of purchases we set all our prices to 0 € (free) for a limited time. Additionally  our products have an intro price while being still in a beta stage, plus you currently get a 15% discount on all our products! Read more...

We also (pre)released 4 new products!

The most important one being Peng, a very complex yet quick to operate drum sampler,

TagAFile, a standalone version of Peng's unique sample browser,

ModCut, a simple but effective sample scratcher, and last but not least,

SunRuys, a very complete compressor with an unusual architecture and a clean yet "good" sounding character.


 We are working on some great tutorial videos that will help you working with ours and other products. They will be posted very soon on our youtube channel, be sure to subscribe!

All audioD3CK plugins have been updated to have flexible oversampling options and customizable UI's.

+KRUCZ has now controls for monitoring at original gain, auto makeup and ceiling. 

+ST-R-I-P got an option to change the processing order of compressor and eq. (replacing the HQ switch which is superseded by the flexible oversampling)