The products you buy can automatically be registered to the email address you use for your PayPal account. We recommend to use the same email address for your account @


Is there a copy protection?

-Yes. audioD3CK uses a simple key file that is only locked to your email address, making sure you stay independent. 


What about updates and upgrades?

-When you purchase a license you'll get all updates free of charge that fall into the major version of the software. For example: when you bought product XY at version 1.0, you get all 1.x updates until excluding version 2.0.


The bundle price seems higher than the single price?

-Bundles give you the benefit of the bundle bargain offer and are cheaper to upgrade.


Can I resell my licenses?

-Of course you can! This is a manual process thought. please contact support if you wish to sell your license.


Can I have a refund?

-You can try the software free of charge before you buy a license, thus you can make an informed buying decision. To save costs and overhead we choose to have a strict no refund policy!