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rip every channel...




ST-R-I-P. is a analog inspired channel strip for OS X/VST/AU and Windows/VST/64/32

ST-R-I-P features subtle saturation and noise to emulate the behavior of analog mixing desks

It's intended use is with pure 'in the box' music to give it some texture and depth while having traditional sound shaping features like compression and equalizing at your fingertips

Get traditional, get ST-R-I-P





  • subtle impurities like saturation and noise to give depth and grit
  • switchable processing order


  • wide range of possible attack and release times
  • analog style gain reduction meter
  • adjustable high pass side-chain filter for improved behavior at low frequencies
  • variable knee settings
  • dry/wet knob for parallel compression
  • full range ratio control, all the way from 0 to infinity
  • unlinked mid/side compression mode for a different stereo image 


  • adjustable 12db high pass filter
  • 12kHz high shelf filter for some "air"
  • 2 broad band peak filters for wide sound shaping
  • adjustable low shelf filter

sound exmples