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maximize smoothness

This maximizer from the R.A.O.N. series is audioD3CK's version of a look ahead maximizer. Great care has been taken to design it as musical as possible. It ranges from clean to totally smashed and will not turn your audio into harsh dirt when driven hard! 


  • a distinct and punchy sound
  • 0-2 ms look ahead time
  • variable release and attack times
  • soft-clip/compression ratio control
  • high pass filtering to remove low frequency noise
  • 3 different soft-clip knee settings
  • 5 different soft-clip "flavor" settings
  • compressor/limiter mode
  • two different compressor knees
  • adjustable soft saturation
  • 24db gain reduction meter
  • +-24 db input gain
  • 0-24db output threshold
  • auto-makeup
  • reduction monitoring

sound exmples