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ChopChop's algorithm was originally designed to be reasonably clean while operating with a very fast attack time and classic peak detection. The result is a very flexible compressor with a distinct sound. ChopChop is best used when the compression is meant to be heard, but it can act as an invisible tool as well!

It offers a rich feature set, presented on a very simple user interface, designed for a optimal workflow. Distinct features like the adjustable range knee or the release acceleration control distinguish it form other compressors.

Lastly, its external side-chain allows ChopChop to duck tracks or tame fighting frequencies, which might come in handy at any time!


  • external side chain
  • linear domain compression for an old school sound
  • high pass filter in side chain
  • range control to limit amount of gain reduction
  • range knee to alter character of compression range
  • mid/side mode
  • freely adjustable channel linking
  • adjustable compression knee
  • full range ratio, all the way form 1:1 to 1:infinity
  • flexible metering
  • parallel compression
  • release acceleration control to alter compression behavior


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