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Our first line of plugins is called the R.A.O.N series, which stands for Ridiculous Amounts ONoise. The R.A.O.N. series has evolved into a very complete bundle, providing you quality and flexible audio processors for your mixing tasks. But the family will not stop to grow. ChopChop and KRUCZ surely would like to have a little EQ brother.

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So If you buy a bundle early you get all* plugins that are added during the major version release cycle for free! This is our way of early adoption discounts. You get good prices and we get the funds to keep the projects running.

You can visit our forum to see and debate what is to be added to the bundles.

Last but not least it is cheaper to upgrade a whole bundle, as opposed to upgrading single products.

*plugins that are released during the major (integer version numbers) release cycle. 

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flexible high quality oversampling:

Oversampling is a technique used to prevent aliasing at low sample rates, a common and mostly undesired artifact created by digital audio processing. There are numerous ways of achieving this goal. With audioD3CK you can oversample your way! Use the colorful polyphase oversampling or stick to the crystal clear linear phase oversampling, set a fixed ratio (x1 - x64) or set a minimum sample rate at which the processor should operate ( 20khz - 1mhz).