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Eekjuliza is your complete workhorse equalizer with an emphasis on sound quality and workflow.


choose and aim your weapon:

Eekjuliza offers you the classic filter types and can operate on any channel you want, be it left, right, mid or center.

Need to find a specific frequency? No problem, hold down alt and find your frequency with a temporary bandpass filter.

Filter not steep enough? Just duplicate it and move them around as one!

Minimal phase or linear phase? Sure, just make your choice on the bands you like.


Eeekjuliza lets you listen to  what you do. Solo buttons for channels make it possible to hear what is going on. Do channels can also be hidden or bypassed.



The integrated analyzer makes finding problematic frequencies very easy and always shows you what is going on. The analyzer is highly customizable to assist you in difficult precision mastering jobs. The visuals are too small? Eekjulizasa UI can be resized to any size you like!


high quality DSP:


64 bit signal path, linear-phase-oversmpling, thought out UI, Eekjuliza brings you professional quality at an affordable price!


Equalized too much? No problem, just change the global scaling to a smaller range. Mult-band operations are made very easy due to the proportional editing behavior on multiple selected bands. Edit your frequencies in a list or in context, Eekjulisa stays flexible.



sound exmples