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Peng - beta

just flow

Peng is aiming to be the fastest tool in your arsenal when it comes to sampled drum sounds. Its feature set is geared to get things done quickly while being flexible enough to get deep.

with layering in mind:

Although Peng has a very powerful audio engine underneath, it was originally designed to make layering drum samples very easy.

Simply drag  few samples to a pad and have all important parameters like volume, pan, pitch, pre-delay and phase at your fingertips.

A unique template based workflow makes it easy to get to the most complex setups  in a matter of seconds.

TagAFile integration:

Peng's internal sample browser is TagAFile, a powerful tool to organize your samples.

Peng enhances it with features like realtime preview of complex layered pad sounds and drag and drop of presets.

full blown semi modular audio engine:

Want to breathe some life into your samples? Modulate them! You can create virtual unlimited LFOs and Envelopes to modulate parameters like volume, pan, pitch, phase and pre-delay. The envelopes are highly flexible yet accessible due to the quick access parameter concept. Just setup a desired envelope shape, assign quick access parameters, like attack time, or sustain volume and use and/or save it for later. The envelope parameters can even be modulated themselves. Think of modulating the attach time by velocity for example