- What is the difference between the "TOY" and the "TOOL" editions?
- The "TOY" versions are for non commercial use only, so if you make more than $10,000 USD using audioD3CK products, you'll have to buy a "TOOL" license. You'll get support priority as an added future. See the license page of the manual for details

-Is there a copy protection?
-Yes. audioD3CK uses a simple key file that is simply locked to your name.


-What about updates and upgrades?

-When you purchase a license you'll get all updates free of charge that fall into the major version the software was when you first bought it. For example when you bought product XY at version 1.0, you get all 1.x updates until excluding version 2.0.


-Can I resell my licenses?

-at present you can not transfer your licenses, this may change in the future thought, as this is only for technical reasons, rather then for political or economical ones.


-Can I have a refund?

-You can try the software free of charge before you buy a license, thus you can make an informed buying decision. To save costs and overhead we choose to have a strict no refund policy!



The products you buy can automatically be registered to the email address you use for your PayPal account. We recommend to use the same email address for your account @