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2014-07-04 12:14:49


We have been very busy updating KRUCZ and ST-R-I-P. The framework has been improved and there was also a lot of work to be done for the website. But now the updates are here! New features including: 

  • big, resizable UIs.
  • internal preset handling.
  • undo/redo for parameter changes.
  • updated manuals.
  • better authorization process.
  • improved installer.
  • a selection of presets

KRUCZ v1.1 also got an additional makeup parameter.

Existing customers can just grab the new installers and continue using the plugins like before. The demos do not longer require a registration and do not restore their state instead of having a time limit.

We are also happy to announce that AAX and VST3 version are on their way.

2014-07-04 12:12:34

ChopChop! Who ist there? A new child to the R.A.O.N family!

Say hi to the latest addition to the R.A.O.N. series of audioD3CK plugins. ChopChop is a multi purpose compressor with a lot of features and a lot of character. The price is the usual one, 19€ for a non commercial, 49€ for a commercial license. Take a look and a listen! 

2014-06-04 16:20:34

Changes & News

Hi there!

I've been busy preparing updates for KRUCZ and ST-R-I-P, also the website has been improved a lot.

Be ready for an update of KRUCZ this week, ST-R-I-P will follow soon. May I suggest that something else is cooking @  

Stay tuned ;)

2014-06-04 16:20:34

KRUCZ updated to v1.1

2014-05-20 08:31:28

ST-R-I-P - a channel strip

Today I released ST-R-I-P, an analog inspired channel strip for OS X/VST/AU and Windows/VST/64/32.

ST-R-I-P features subtle saturation and noise to emulate the behavior of analog mixing desks. It's optimal use is with pure in the box music to give it some texture and depth, while having traditional sound shaping features like compression and equalizing at your fingertips.

A fully working 60 day demo version is available, like its predecessor KRUCZ, it has pricing in two steps:

  • 19€ for the non-commercial TOY version
  • 49€ for the commercial TOOL version


  • subtle impurities like saturation and noise to give digital sources some depth
  • 2x or 4x (HQ mode) oversampling


  • wide range of possible attack and release times
  • analog style gain reduction meter
  • adjustable high pass side chain filter for improved behavior with low frequency material
  • variable knee settings
  • dry/wet knob for parallel compression
  • full range ratio control, all the way from 0 to infinity
  • unlinked mid/side compression mode for a different stereo image


  • adjustable 12db high pass filter
  • 12kHz high shelf filter for some "air"
  • 2 broad band peak filters for wide sound shaping
  • adjustable low shelf filter

Try it now!

2014-05-18 18:31:28

KRUCZ has been released

Yup, the release is official since about a week ago.

For more details look at KRUCZ's website.


2014-03-21 18:13:40

...Years later....and somthing is happening!

I finally got around to work on my audio related projects again and I'd like to announce the imminent release of the native version of KRUCZ! 

KRUCZ is already available as a fully functional beta version. The beta runs until April 20th and is available for Mac AU/VST and for Windows VST (32/64). 

The public beta can be downloaded here and is available for early adopters at a discount price. The non-commercial version goes for 9,- € and the professional is 29,- €

Have Fun!

2011-01-13 11:13:02

Prototype release of a look ahead limiter named KRUCZ.

Today, I release the “prototype” of my look ahead limiter named KRUCZ. Besides being another new and exciting approach of emulating analog style peak compression, a feature that sets KRUCZ apart from the competition is the ability to seamlessly blend soft-clipping and compression.



KRUCZ in its current state is a fully functional software, but it is labeled “prototype” as the underlying technology will change from “Synthmaker” to native c++. This is to overcome the current platforms limitations. The platform change will only happen if there is enough interest in KRUCZ.

Until the “final version” arrives, you can buy a “prototype” license at a discount price. The “prototype” license has the same features as the final license.

  • TOY KRUCZ (prototype): 15€ (for non-commercial use only)
  • TOOL KRUCZ (prototype): 50€

There will be a price increase of approximately, if it comes to a final version. The “final version” is expected to have additional features like:

  • Mac OSX support (Intel only)
  • precise input for parameters via text input
  • faster loading times
  • skin able GUI
  • possible performance increase
  • 64 bit processing when and where beneficial (optional to preserve original sound)
  • personalized license file (simple key-file)

For now I set the policy to no refund and no license transfer, but this is likely to change on future customer demand.

Any feedback is very welcome! Until the internal audioD3CK forum is ready, please use this forum thread on to discuss your ideas and issues with KRUCZ.

For more information, a manual and a demo downoad go to the KRUCZ page on this website. Have fun!


2011-01-09 14:53:05

Beta phase started

This website is still in beta phase. If you have any comments about it, please drop me a line via the contact form.