!! audioD3CK’s free x-mas frenzy !!

Starting today we have a very special offer to make where you can give a Christmas present to yourself, audioD3CK and rest of the world!

If we manage to sell licenses of audioD3CK’s software worth 12.345 € until December the 24th 2014, we will reduce the prices for all our products to 0 € (free!) for the time between Christmas and new years eve (24.12.2014 - 31.12.2014)!

That would give free access to all our software for everyone in the world who has access to the internet (including you). Of course, the free software will still work after it is no longer available for free, in exactly the same way as if you bought the software at the regular price. 

In case we reach our goal of 12.345 € what will happen is:

  • -licenses for all(!) our software can be obtained free of charge for the time period of 24.12.2014 - 31.12.2014
  • -licenses bought from now until December the 24th 2014 will get extended to include the next major version (e.g. 2.x)

To participate you simply have to buy a license of an audioD3CK product until December the 24th 2014. You can also help by spreading the word all over the web in whatever way you like. For questions or feedback we've set up a thread on our forum over at KVR.

So let's make this a merry x-mas for all of us!

audioD3CK produces high quality audio plugins for your music production needs. Our plugins have an unique sound and supreme workflow.

bundle bargains:

Apart from the discount that a bundle gives you over buying separate products, you will get all* future products that are added to the bundle during the major version’s release cycle for free! This way the value of your bundle will increase over time. Bundles will get more expensive when more plugins and features are added to them. 

So If you buy a bundle early you get all* plugins that are added during the major version release cycle for free! This is our way of early adoption discounts. You get good prices and we get the funds to keep the projects running.

You can visit our forum to see and debate what is to be added to the bundles.

Last but not least it is cheaper to upgrade a whole bundle, as opposed to upgrading single products.

*plugins that are released during the major (integer version numbers) release cycle. 

flexible high quality oversampling:

Oversampling is a technique used to prevent aliasing at low sample rates, a common and mostly undesired artifact created by digital audio processing. There are numerous ways of achieving this goal. With audioD3CK you can oversample your way! Use the colorful polyphase oversampling or stick to the crystal clear linear phase oversampling, set a fixed ratio (x1 - x64) or set a minimum sample rate at which the processor should operate ( 20khz - 1mhz).











RAON sound examples

available for all major platforms:

*(RTAS version still in beta)